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    obstinacy of things
    for the exhibition at kunst haus wien,
    curated by maren lübbke-tidow
    spector books, 2018

    unrecognised forum
    with alina schmuch
    for forensic architecture, shown at
    ica, london 2018
    sharjah biennale 13, act 2, beirut 2017
    macba, barcelona 2017
    architecture biennale, venice 2016

    proclamation no. 1
    for/with alina schmuch and heike schuppelius
    at 3. berliner herbstsalon, 2017

    skulptur projekte
    official documentary film, 2017
    with alina schmuch

    anna jermolaewa/alina schmuch
    mak center, los angeles 2017

    mies van der rohe
    montage collage
    walther könig, 2017

    armin linke. the appearance of that
    which cannot be seen
    concept, desing and editing with
    linda van deursen and alina schmuch
    shown at cpg geneva, ludwig forum aachen,
    pac milan and zkm karlsruhe
    spector books, 2017

    himi city
    photographs: wataru murakami
    text: isabel mehl

    script of demolition
    with alina schmuch
    and fink sprengtechnik
    spector books, 2014

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